Data Science has a host of pros on its side

Data Science seems like another subject or topic that is taught and is practised in the industry. Just as relevant as Digital Marketing or a Sales Position. But the truth is far from being so simple as this. Data Science is anything but simple, but it isn’t needlessly complicated as well. It is a premier subject in that it is required everywhere but not many people know about its importance nor its value.

Companies today have one thing in surplus and that is data. In this online world, data is one thing that is being generated at an amazing pace…

Data Science is used to evaluate large amounts of complicated data to derive insights and make sense of what the data entails. This field has become quite dominant in the industry and has driven decisions and growth. Data Science is a revolution in the way companies deal with the amounts of data produced in the world. Trending across the globe, it has moved its way into banking, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce and more. The top companies in the world use Data Science for analysis and decision making. Here are some ways Data Science is being applied in the industry today :

Data Science as a subject and field is a very lucrative way to get a lot of benefits in a gradual manner. With a high propensity for growth and a lot of scope to diversify, Data Science as a subject is as rewarding as it is deep. As a Data Scientist you are expected to learn and know a variety of subjects and utilize them all in the work that you do

With data being the “oil of the future” companies are highly invested as technologies increase and work becomes increasingly automated. In this new industrial paradigm, people who can…

Web development in today’s time has taken rapid strides in becoming hugely relevant in the industry. Comprising several development technologies and platforms with many more on the way. In today’s time, staying relevant is the key to surviving and thriving. Web Development has a lot many promising career opportunities that can be taken advantage of.

Given that web development is a choice riddled with possibilities in both execution and technologies, choosing the right platform can become difficult. The right platform is one that : has good prospects, earning potential and staying power.

Get your expertise in MERN Stack

First things first : What is MERN stack…

One of the most exciting, lucrative and in-demand jobs of this decade : Data Scientist

Companies increasingly have looked towards making sense of the oceans of data created on a daily basis. With the rapid increases in technological progress and the exponential rise in the amount of people going and staying online, it has become crucial for companies to make sense of all this data generated to get the edge on their competitors.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists can be seen as masters of all trades. From programming to statistics to analysis, they do it all. Their expert…

IT industry saw the most growth even during the pandemic

Technology will continue to advance at an unprecedented pace as industries evolve and change. With each year that passes, the variety in skills and technology increase in demand. With companies increasingly looking to leverage their IT capabilities, professionals are well on their way to increase their skills to have a greater chance of getting hired at a better position. Professionals have recognized the value of proper skill development and the benefits to invest in acquiring and honing those skills. …

Gig economies have seen a huge spurt of growth especially in the Ed-Tech Sector

Over the time that online services have seen a tremendous growth and a shift in the market for on demand services like AirBnb and Uber has taken over, companies are increasingly becoming cognizant of this changing nature that is happening on a greater scale than ever before.

Gig workers are among those who work on consultation, freelance or on a temporary basis for organizations. Their numbers have dramatically increased over the past few years. And by many estimates they constitute over a third of the workforce in the industry today, and that number is projected to increase to 80% by…

Edtech is at the forefront of developments in the education sector which has changed rapidly in the previous months

In this present era where digital space has taken over every sphere of living, education has gone the same way and come into the digital sphere as well. With the advent of technology, education also has to accommodate itself to mould its pedagogy in the best suitable way. This is where EdTech comes in as a great option. The easy availability of classes as and when students wish, tailored to their individual needs with live classes being the cherry on top has made edtech boom like no other time.

EdTech is the marriage between IT tools and educational practices or…

Changing the stars for a company

In today’s world information travels very fast — thanks to online media and widespread access to the internet across the globe and age groups. It has become very easy for consumers to write their experiences or reviews of any product or service and share them on online media platforms for others to see. This has been a goldmine of information and companies continue to track and study this data to gain better understanding of how their products are faring in the competition. …

Edwisor — How it’s changed and how it’s improved

Founded in 2015 on a principle of providing the necessary skills to candidates so that the perpetual gap between skills and employment should be closed and that hiring managers should be able to select from a pool of skilled candidates to supplement workers.

A second component of that incentive was to provide for candidates a worthy and valuable career path in a number of subjects that would ensure that the candidates are on a path that is much valued by the industry and will always catch the eye of any hiring…


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