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One of the most exciting, lucrative and in-demand jobs of this decade : Data Scientist

Companies increasingly have looked towards making sense of the oceans of data created on a daily basis. With the rapid increases in technological progress and the exponential rise in the amount of people going and staying online, it has become crucial for companies to make sense of all this data generated to get the edge on their competitors.

What is a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists can be seen as masters of all trades. From programming to statistics to analysis, they do it all. Their expert analyses of changes in the business cycles, analysing consumer trends, predicting market behaviour and consumer patterns, make the difference between a successful business strategy and a failing one.

Data Science is the hot new thing in the Indian Environment and opportunities are everywhere!

Why is Data Science in such a demand ?

Data has always played a big part in any company’s business strategy. With the increasing amounts of data generated, due to increase in not only automation of processes, but also by consumers moving online, data is the key driver of all business decisions. Driving of the technology which is ever increasing, has led to a gap being created with companies looking to fill those with the right kind of professional. Presently, there is huge supply of data to be interpreted, but there is a lack of professionals who can compute this data correctly. This has left a huge gap for proficient candidates to learn the relevant skills and fill this gap. And as such, Data Scientists are increasingly sought after to fill this niche.

The market is looking for data interpreters

What are the skills required to become a Data Scientist?

  • Statistics: A Data Scientist is expected to be a very competent statistician and also a sound computer engineer. The perfect Data Scientist is expected to have the right balance between numbers and applying them in the technologies.
  • Machine Learning: Machine learning is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn” with data. This will essentially help you understand consumer behaviour and how to incorporate better interactive results in which the machine communicates.
  • Predictive Analysis, Data Munging, Visualization, and Reporting: Conversion of raw data into forms that are easy to study, analyze and visualize is called Data Munging. Visually appealing data makes a great representation of the data along adding a streamlined aspect towards understanding the report. Tableau is one of the popular technologies used for data representation.
  • Coding in Python and R: Major part of your job would be finding data and analyzing them. But unless you understand what the data is about, there is no use of that data. This is where knowledge of programming languages comes into play. R & Python are some trending languages in this career path.
  • Learn to work on databases like MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL database: Work on Databases and understand how to analyze and build predictive models based on the data.. MongoDB was currently voted to be the most trending database data scientists work on.
  • Develop Communication Skills and Communicate Effectively
    After effectively honing your technical skills, it is also important to improve your communication skills. It is your analysis, your hard-work, your report, your model. Effective communicative skills convey the correct message you want to convey and also help understand your analysis correct.

Benefits of a Data Science Career

There is a lack of good scientists yet a huge amount of data to get through. Switching into this career path will be very progressive and lucrative since the future scope as a Data Scientist is very high. Companies are actively on the lookout for good data scientists and will willingly offer great opportunities to candidates with hefty salary packages.

A valuable career that pays well and has great future scope

How do you get in this career path ?

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