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Web development like everything else in the tech industry is a rapidly changing domain. Currently, there are several development technologies that are available across the industry and soon there will be more. If one doesn’t stay abreast, they’re likely to lose on the promising career opportunities these development technologies have to offer.

Given the plethora of choices available in web development, it becomes tedious for beginners to choose a technology that is worth learning. Before one starts to learn a technology, there are a multitude of questions that need to be answered : does this technology has good prospects? How much can I earn if I learn this technology? And several other questions along this line.

Become MEAN Stack Developer

This post answers some of these questions on MEAN stack development.

First things, first.

JavaScript is the foundation of MEAN stack. This technology stack is the combination of popular frameworks Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js, and MongoDB.

The major chunk of this stack uses JavaScript. Today given JavaScript’s versatility, simply knowing JavaScript can make you a valuable contributor in the tech community, if you would like to contribute.

Your proficiency in JavaScript would make you learn MEAN stack development pretty quickly and easily. Learning MEAN stack development not only makes you work with frameworks, it also makes you extremely well-versed with JavaScript.

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So if you’re worried about Node.js or any other framework going obsolete in the coming days, and new technology taking up shape, I bet you would be safe. As Jeff Atwood, Co founder of Stack Overflow, has famously said, “Any future language that would be written be written in JavaScript.”

Now that we have put our worries for the future behind our back, let’s talk about what does the present scenario looks like.

Currently, full-stack developers are highly in demand.A recent report from the Times of India indicated that companies are presently on the lookout for proficient Full Stack Developers.

Here’s another validation for better future prospects: Amazon hires more of full stack developers in India.

More than a fact, this is a trend that needs to be observed. Such tech giants are always the ones which heavily invest in R&D for future trends and are looking to initially monopolize the trend. This has called for other companies to continuously look for new avenues to expand their business and reach. Keeping this in mind, Full Stack developers have singular knowledge of both front-end and back-end making them one of the most sought-after talents for the companies.

Now let’s get to the more important part — the MEAN stack part.

If you want to measure the current demand for MEAN stack developers in India, below is a snapshot from Angellist that would let you have it. The salary on this list lies anywhere between 10- 15 lac per annum for a MEAN stack developer with an experience of 2 years. Which is way better if you compare it to other job profiles in the tech industry. The opportunity is pretty huge there!

Interested in becoming a Mean Stack Developer?

Let’s talk about the Silicon Valley of the world. Do you know which are the most in-demand developers across the US?

Let me not make this a surprise for you — -JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language in the US (Stack Overflow Developers Report’17)

Indeed published its report on the best jobs in 2017, and guess what? Full stack developer roles topped Data Scientists roles, which was voted the 21st century’s sexiest job, with an average salary of $110,770.

Most MEAN Stack developers are still referred to as full stack developers

The question that arises here is that isn’t full stack developer a broad term, and MEAN stack is just a fraction of it? Here’s an explanation to support this claim.
Node JS foundation, recently conducted a survey, turned out that 60% respondents to a survey for a full stack developer admitted to using Node JS for front-end and back-end development. Isn’t this funny?

Here’s another little biased evil!

The snapshot below is from India’s top job portal where top recruiters look for the right developer candidates. They don’t seem how to differentiate between full-stack developer and a MEAN stack developer.

All in all, as a MEAN stack developer you’ve good job opportunities ahead of you. So let’s focus on developing amazing products and web apps.

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As with all things, even technologies are changing at a fast pace and are constantly evolving. Considering this, it is important to keep ourselves updated. This calls for continuous exposure to resources that professionals could make use of. With the increased adoption of latest technologies, online platforms have taken the center stage in terms of providing such resources.

edWisor is one such platform that aims to provide the right set of skills to professionals wishing to pursue their career in web development and data science. At edWisor, we aim to re-skill candidates in the relevant technologies that are currently demanded in the tech industry. Along with the training, as an HR-Tech platform, we also condition candidates to face real life scenarios that they may face during the interviews. Hence, making the the enrolled candidates completely equipped to face any challenges that come their way.