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With cars being sent to Mars, with TV shows projecting and portraying a possible future, with most of our transactions becoming cashless, it’s an imperative fact that technology has seeped deeply in our daily lives, such that we can’t imagine our life without it.

The advancement of technology still amazes us as it did 10 years ago. This sector has shown constant progressive growth, this has empowered people to embark on their own start-up journeys. These startups are changing the way people look at work in the tech industry.

Consider the tech industry a decade ago. Well, a lot has changed, considering the technological advancements. However, if you look closely at the people working in this industry, their job profiles haven’t really changed much.

Have the technological advancements proven to be beneficial for professionals?
Maybe , Maybe not.

Career Growth in IT industry

Being completely dependent on companies for growth, many professionals have not been able to enjoy the benefits of such advancements yet. This is where Startups made their entry.

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This opportunity has given rise to start ups. These were the companies looking to establish themselves as a big entity in the software industry. With handsome packages and better opportunities to grow, the startup community revolutionized the way candidates started looking at jobs. Companies like Flipkart, Zomato, OLA, etc were small-sized startups when they came out and considering the time and effort they have put in, their expansion from a small scale company to a billion dollar company is a very compelling case study to look at when you analyse how profitable and fast growing startups can be.

What is the state of start-ups currently in India? And why should you work in one?
According to NASSCOM, the number of product based startups are set to grow by 10,500 companies by 2020. With the number of companies, the number of jobs and areas of development have grown. This has created a demand for candidates who are looking to learn. India’s software product system is currently the third largest in the world, following America and Britain, respectively.

Become the professional that is the reason of growth for the companies

With such stiff competition, small breakthroughs are considered as major breakthroughs and can impact the market drastically. This has created a market push for start-ups to start questioning and testing such technologies and make improvements in order to earn big bucks. Most of the startups resort to working on open source softwares which essentially provide enthusiastic developers a playground where they can test their coding skills and also in turn have an in-depth knowledge of the technologies they work on. More than that, Start-ups don’t apply conventional methods rather promote a holistic environment helping the mind widen its vision and address problems from a broader perspective.

There are several benefits of working with startups:

  • Startups look to invest in the quality of work environment making working fun and comprehensive at the same time.
  • Along with the freedom to learn and explore , you earn lucrative packages and opportunities that promote a healthy learning curve.
  • Some companies even offer equity shares and ESOPs along with package. This promotes a sense of ownership towards the startup you’re working for.
  • One major positive point of the startups is the hands-on experience you get while working on the latest technologies. Since startups have been known to explore new technologies, this provides professionals scope to adapt it comprehensively.
  • The learning curve in Startups remain constantly progressive as mistakes are treated as stepping stones towards more learning contrasting the expectations of the Big MNCs where mistakes are considered as problems.

At edWisor, we are constantly in conversation with the leading startups in the Software and IT industry in terms of identifying the requirements of companies as they look to hire proficient candidates. As an ed-tech company, we believe that re-skilling is the key to future growth and envision to share similar ideals with aspiring candidates and professionals.

With the advancement of latest technologies, we believe that a comprehensive skill set can make any professional stand out of the crowd and find their dream career. With the latest technologies incorporated within our career path module and a fully dedicated HR team to help find opportunities, at edWisor, we aim to re-skill the developers that will be demanded in the future.



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